Trinity Church was formed in the 1930s and has had an eventful history. A short version is below, or you can read “Trinity Church – Growing and Going” which contains a much more complete story of Trinitys history.

Short History

1933 – Methodist meetings started in Dovecot Hall.

September 1933 – Work started on a building on Liverpool Road.

June 1934 – Liverpool Road building opened as Liverpool Road Methodist Church.

1961 – New church building erected. This was next to the original which continued in use as a church hall. The name was changed to Trinity Methodist Church.

1971 – Vandalism is first mentioned in church meeting minutes.

1976 – Evening worship discontinued due to falling numbers.

1977 – Job Creation Scheme established at Trinity.

1981 – Arson attack on the Church severely damaged the interior. Due to the repeated vandalism Trinity became the highest claimant from the Methodist Insurance Company.

1983 – Job Creation Scheme ended due to union problems.

May 1984 – Trinity’s 50th Anniversary. Celebrated with an open air service and celebratory buffet.

January 1985 – Anglican Bishop of Liverpool David Sheppard visits Trinity.

1988 – Rev. Symon Beesley of St. Bartholomews and Rev. Malcolm Creamer of Trinity begin regular meetings. The idea of a joint project at Trinity is mooted.

1991 – Trinity Local Ecumenical Project starts. Church Army Captain Roger Murphy is appointed as part time community evangelist, and a number of adults and children move from St. Bartholomews to Trinity. Work starts on a new building.

1993 – Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Dr. George Carey visits Trinity.

September 1998 – Kidz Klub starts, reaching hundreds of infant and junior school children each week.

August 2000 – Trinity goes online at www.trinity-church.org.uk

March 2001 – TNT starts, aimed at 11-14 year olds at secondary school.

2007-2010 – Church Army ‘Xplore’ year out scheme is based at the church

2012 – Restored, a monthly contemporary evening service begins

2017 – Kidz Klub and TNT end, and are replace with Jump Start and Reboot clubs.


1934 Rev. George Parsons
1934-1936 Rev. George D. Moralee
1936-1937 Rev. Owen R. Johnson
1937-1938 Rev. Fred Jones
1938 Rev. A. Gorton Edge
1938-1945 Rev. Willie H. Carter
1945-1948 Rev. Dr. Bernard E. Jones
1948-1953 Rev. Norman A. Baker
1953-1959 Rev. Sidney Tong
1959-1962 Rev. Eric Powell
1962-1967 Rev. Norman Robertshaw
1967-1972 Rev. Alf Shannahan
1972-1978 Rev. Kenneth Anderson
1978-1986 Rev. Malcolm Carter
1986-1994 Rev. Malcolm Creamer
1992-1994 Capt. Roger Murphy C.A.
1994-1997 Capt. Kelvin Bolton C.A.
1997-2007 Capt. Philip Clark C.A.
2008-2017 John Crawford

In addition, since Trinity became a joint Anglican/Methodist church, the ministers of St. Bartholomews Anglican Church and Court Hey Methodist Church have also overseen Trinity.

1991-2006 Rev. Geoff Pearson (St. Bartholomews)
1994-2003 Rev. David Nellist (Court Hey Methodist)
2003-2008 Rev. Robin Fox (Court Hey Methodist)
2008- Rev. Caroline Ainger (Methodist Circuit)
2008-2016 Rev. Tim Gill (St. Bartholomews)
2017- Rev. Kate Wharton (St. Bartholomews)

Other Church Staff

1999-2001 Jane Dunmore Childrens Worker
2001-2004 Richard Read Childrens Worker
2004-2008 Matthew Rowley Childrens and Youth Worker
2005-2012 Capt. Dave Collier CA Evangelist
2005-2010 Capt. Adrian Prescott CA Evangelist
2010-2014 Martin Woodruff Childrens and Youth Worker
2014-2017 Leanne Kays Childrens and Youth Worker