Growing and Going Chapter 1

Trinity Church – Growing and Going

Chapter 1 – Ministers

1934 Rev. George Parsons
1934-1936 Rev. George D. Moralee
1936-1937 Rev. Owen R. Johnson
1937-1938 Rev. Fred Jones
1938 Rev. A. Gorton Edge
1938-1945 Rev. Willie H. Carter
1945-1948 Rev. Dr. Bernard E. Jones
1948-1953 Rev. Norman A. Baker
1953-1959 Rev. Sidney Tong
1959-1962 Rev. Eric Powell
1962-1967 Rev. Norman Robertshaw
1967-1972 Rev. Alf Shannahan, pictured with wife Joy and children Christopher and Justin
1972-1978 Rev. Kenneth Anderson
1978-1986 Rev. Malcolm Carter
1986-1994 Rev. Malcolm Creamer, pictured with wife Barbara
1991- Rev. Geoff Pearson (of St. Bartholomews)
1992-1994 Capt. Roger Murphy C.A., pictured with wife Gill
1994-1997 Capt. Kelvin Bolton C.A.
1994- Rev. David Nellist (of Court Hey Methodist Church)
1997-2007 Capt. Philip Clark C.A.

No less than fourteen ministers served the Church at Liverpool Road in its fifty-year history. After only five years the people welcomed their sixth minister!

This was poor planning by the Methodist Church to treat any new cause in this way. It was neither fair to the minister and his family in terms of continuity and putting down roots and ideas into operation, nor to the people themselves, who no sooner became accustomed to one man’s ways than they were confronted by his replacement. Nevertheless, the work grew in spite of this strategy.

George Moralee can still visualise “small groups of devoted men and women meeting in houses to pray and talk about the work of God or trying to run a huge Sunday School in well nigh impossible conditions”.

Rev. Willie Carter was able to exert a long ministry during the war years and establish a pattern for others to build on.