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Trinity Church – Growing and Going

Forward into the Future

In 1984 the Reverend Malcolm Carter compiled a history of Trinity Methodist Church to celebrate Fifty Years of ministry in Page Moss. The book told the story of a Church built in response to great changes and expanding population. Rev. Carter looked in depth at both the high and low points of a Church struggling in an area that had been built with much hope and good intentions.

In 1974 Reverend Ken Anderson observed that “The danger at Trinity is that all our resources are put into the business of survival”. This was a far cry from Reverend Sidney Tong’s belief that “The great days of Liverpool Road lie in the future”, a statement he made in 1959 and which the people of Trinity were still clinging to 25 years later.

So why update the book now in 1999? It isn’t a special anniversary. There are two good reasons; is the end of the second millennium, soon we will enter the year 2000 and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus 2000 years ago.
TWO..So much has happened in the past fifteen years that to wait for our seventy fifth anniversary will mean that a great deal of the important work God has done may have been forgotten.

Trinity has changed drastically in the past 15 years and we want people to know and appreciate how much God has done for us. Is Trinity still putting all it’s resoures into survival? No.

Are the great days of Liverpool Road Church still in the future? I hope so, but the present isn’t so bad, Thanks To God