Growing and Going Chapter 5

Trinity Church – Growing and Going

Chapter 5 – The Future

On the occasion of Trinity’s 25th anniversary in 1959, Sidney Tong, then the minister, wrote: “I am sure that the great days of Liverpool Road lie in the future…..”. That prophecy sadly has not been fulfilled…..yet! Statistics would indicate that in fact the opposite has happened. Fortunately, the unknown factor in all Church life is the Holy Spirit! Who knows what yet may be?

To begin with, present attendance at Sunday Worship pro rata the membership is probably higher at Trinity than most places in the Circuit. E.g. Membership 60, Attendance 57, and all 57 took communion. Our family service once a month averages 150 thanks to well supported uniformed groups.

Over the years Trinity has produced half a dozen Queen Scouts, while twenty one girls have achieved the Queen’s Guide award. Mrs Ethel Martin was awarded the Silver Acorn for her services to Cub Scouting. A family spirit still pervades Trinity.

Apathy still abounds of course in the community. Few appear interested in the things of God in our socially run-down area and our lay leadership is small and stretched to the limit. Nevertheless, the unknown factor is God’s Holy Spirit, and with God all things are possible. As long as we acknowledge Him as the initiator of all mission and the Head of His Church and we are expectant people ready to serve, then I look forward to Sidney Tong’s prophecy being fulfilled in the days ahead.

Together with George Moralee, whose eyesight is now very limited but whose vision is still undimmed, I would quote these glorious words by Charles Wesley as we prepare to move into our fifty-first year;

“By thine unerring Spirit led,
We shall not in the desert stray;
We shall not full direction need,
Nor miss our providential way;
As far from danger as from fear,
While love, almighty love,is near.”

Over many years many well known preachers have proclaimed the Gospel at Trinity, one of the most notable being Rev. Kenneth Waights who subsequently became President of the Conference. Already booked to preach in 1985 is David Shepherd, Bishop of Liverpool, no less! We are confident that he is only one of many who will point Trinity people to Christ in the days to come and encourage us in our ongoing mission for God. Another Bishop, Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of South Africa’s Council of Churches, spoke the words at Vancouver in 1983 which so aptly apply to the people of Trinity: “When the power of evil seems rampant, we experience God in our prayers, like a wall of fire keeping away evil”.