Growing and Going Introduction

Trinity Church – Growing and Going

This is a copy of a book, Trinity Church, “Growing and Going” into the new Millennium.


This booklet is the story of Trinity Church, Page Moss. It is not the story of the building, although the incredible story of its survival is included, it is the story of God’s faithful people over the last sixty years. Trinity would not be the success that it is today without the hundreds of people who don’t even get a mention in the booklet, the people who prayed.

The first half of the book is copied in its entirety from the book published in 1984, the only additions are the photographs taken in 1991. My thanks go to Rev. Malcolm Carter for granting me permission to copy his work

I have tried to write the second half in the same manner, contacting all the Ministers who have served God in the Page Moss area since Malcolm left. The contents include their thoughts and reflections as well as the details gleaned from Church records, faithful Trinity members and my own personal memories.

So much has happened over the last fifteen years this it is very possible that I have missed some event, or person, out of the book. For that I am truly sorry, however, you can rest assured that God knows who you are and He won’t forget your contribution to Trinity’s survival.

My hope is that when you read this story you will be encouraged to fight on against whatever the devil throws in your way. Trinity’s very existence is a miracle, granted in response to many years of prayer and service.

As the song says
“Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, than to Trust and Obey”.

As we enter the new Millennium we are going to continue to Grow and Go with Christ as our leader. We don’t know where He will lead us but we at Trinity are willing to follow.

Marion E. Hawley.